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Islamic School of Momin

Academic Year 2020-21

Last updated:  9/21/2020

Salaam un alaykum Respected ISM Community,

Hope you and your families are doing well, inshaAllah. 

Please note the following announcements for this Sunday:

  • Sunday, September 20 will be a regular school day. Classes begin at 10:30am (for levels 1-5) and the day ends at 1:30pm. 

  • Zoom links for Tareekh and Quran are the same as before, and were emailed out to parents last week.

  • Please ensure that your child's screen name is set as their first name, last name and level number. For example Azra Kazmi 5. 

  • Dress code - students should be dressed appropriately for school, and girls must observe proper hijab.

  • A reminder to all students - videos should be ON during class. Some students are still keeping their videos off, even when prompted to turn them on by the Zoom host. Attendance will not count if videos are off. 

  • At the end of each class, please have your child "Leave Meeting". 

  • Emaktab - we are aware that some parents have been unable to finish creating accounts. Inshallah the technical issues will be resolved this week. Please bear with us. 


  • Weekly quiz for Sirat subjects - beginning this week, Tareekh students in Levels 4-10 will have a short (Google form) quiz to complete. Teachers will post the quiz link in the parent Whatsapp groups immediately after their class ends. Students will have about 15 minutes to complete it before the form is closed. Answers will be multiple choice. These short quizzes will count towards their final grade and will be conducted weekly from here on. This is only for students in levels 4-10. Once Emaktab is fully operational again, teachers will use that platform to post the link for the weekly quiz. 


If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Thank you,


Jazakamullah khairun,

Sr Azra Kazmi

Principal, ISM














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